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Our commercial finance professionals take the time and ask the right questions to ensure we are providing the best fit solution for your needs. Client considerations include reporting and compliance effects, operational issues, GAAP/Tax treatment and more.

ALGO Capital’s robust funding capabilities include the ability to finance equipment as well as soft costs and services

We can help with Short and Long-term installation funding, End-of-term and off-balance sheet financing, Financing of shipping, installation and other soft costs, Operating Leases and Capital Leases as well as Floor Line and Inventory Financing.


Specialty Retail

Algo offers solutions that help retailers manage liquidity and maximize flexibility no matter the season or the phase of the economic cycle. 

Hospitality & Restaurants

You can purchase equipment, inventory, renovate, expand, hire staff, start a marketing campaign or other initiatives so your hotel stays competitive.


Take advantage of a variety of credit, revenue and asset based cannabis real estate financing options with low rates and long terms.

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Online Application

For businesses that need a quick and simple solution Algo Capital’s ‘Online Application Only’ program is fast & easy.

 With a one page application,  businesses can obtain up to $500,000 in financing within 24 hours. Our Online Application program is designed for all industries.

  • Up to $500,000
  • 1 Page Credit Application
  • All New & Used Equipment

Packaged Application

Algo Capital’s Middle Market Group specializes in working with established companies seeking well-planned, custom, finance structures for their CapEx.

Our experienced professionals have the skills to develop comprehensive finance packages from $500,000 to $5 million.

  • Up to $5,000,000
  • Full Financing Package
  • All New & Used Equipment

Financing options always built specifically for your business. Find your solution

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